top of page links hundreds of malware analysis tools from a variety of sources with descriptions to make malware analysts and reverse engineers more efficient at analyzing malware.

In addition to listing tools, we also list resources to many other well-known malware analysis tools repositories to include Woodman’s Collaborative RCE Tool Library ( and TUTS4YOU ( All of the sites listed here boast unique tools, resources, and tutorials to help you through difficult malware samples. If you would like to see a tool featured or a link to your web site, please send a note to the contact form.

Additional TOOLS can be found on other malware reverse engineering communities such as the following:



The Open Reverse Code Engineering Community.



Collaborative RCE Tool Library:



Windows Forensic Analysis – Groups – Yahoo!



independent community and forum dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and information on reverse code engineering.


Kahu Security

Kahu Security highlights security projects and research that may include references to malicious content.


Reverse Engineering b10g | REM

REflect youR Action in this woRld




***Malware-Analyzer does not sell, claim credit or authorship for any of the tools listed on the following pages.

All of these tools have been developed by security professionals and organizations in the IT community. It is my 

hope to promote their scripts, programs and products and provide you the necessary information and links to use 

them for malware analysis. If I have failed to give credit to a responsible party please don’t hesitate to let me 

know and I will ensure the appropriate changes are made.

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