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Reverse Engineering (SEC-303)


Reverse Engineering Course Overview​



  • CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Reverse Engineering Analyst (CREA)

Reverse engineering is a vitally important skill for today’s expert security professional. Everything from reverse engineering malware to discovering vulnerabilities in binaries are required in order to properly secure an organization from today’s ever evolving threats.
In this 5 day hands-on course, you will gain the necessary binary analysis skills to discover the true nature of any Windows binary. You will learn how to recognize the high level language constructs (such as branching statements, looping functions and network socket code) critical to performing a thorough and professional reverse engineering analysis of a binary. After learning these important introductory skills, you will advance to the analysis of:


  • Hostile Code

  • Malware, including: Worms, Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits and Bots

  • Vulnerabilities in Binaries, including: Format string vulnerabilities, buffer overflow conditions, and the identification of flawed cryptographic schemes

  • Binary obfuscation schemes, used by: Hackers, Trojan writers and copy protection algorithms

  • Additionally you will learn how to recognize the features modern optimizing compilers, including the gcc 4.x family of compilers and the ubiquitous Visual Studio .NET.

  • InfoSec Institute will train you on the standard reverse engineering programs IDA Pro, Ollydbg, and Softice. You will also learn how to use various hex editors, binary analysis programs, and code coverage analyzers.


Advanced Reverse Engineering (SEC-503)


Advanced Reverse Engineering Course Overview





Already have experience reverse engineering? Need to take your reversing skills to the next level? InfoSec Institute’s Advanced Reverse Engineering Reverse Malware course is the most in-depth,hands-on advanced-level malware reversing course in the industry!
In Advanced Reverse Engineering Malware, you will learn all of the latest techniques for reversing malware:


  • Learn to reverse malware that utilizes multiple overlapping obfuscation techniques in both user and kernel space.

  • Gain hands-on training for reversing binary and/or obfuscated Command and Control (C&C)communication protocols.

  • Train on the various specialized tools and IDA plugins that make reversing complex malware possible.

Because modern malware makes use of sophisticated obfuscation techniques, you need to havespecific reversing skills in the deconstruction of various x86 assembler obfuscation tricks used by malware in order to be an expert malware reverser. This four day course bridges the gap between reversing “vanilla” compiler generated code and the nontrivial, complex code created by expert malware authors.
Modern malware typically is developed with some measure of Command and Control (C&C) communication capabilities. The C&C protocol can used to maintain a botnet, deliver package updates, send commands, and steal data from compromised machines. Understanding and reversing the underlying C&C protocol is essential to understanding the intention, functionality, and potentially the identity of the malware author. In the Advanced Reverse Engineering Malware course, you will learn how to reverse these C&C protocols from live malware examples that are currently in circulation.
Reversing obfuscated malware in some cases must be done programmatically. This requires you to understand how to use specialized plugins for IDA as well as other malware-specific tools in order to de-obsfucate various portions of the code under analysis. In other cases, hours or days of manual work can be saved by learning the proper use of a specific reversing tool. InfoSec Institute will teach you how to use these important tools in a series of hands-on labs during this course.

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