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Certification & Training
We have partnered with several
prominent training companies including SANS, TrainACE, 
EC-Council, and Infosec Institute
to offer discounted training courses in malware analysis and forensics. Visit each page to see the course offerings and the discount we can give you!
Sandbox & Automation
Not interested in performing your own analysis? Too many samples to crunch manually? We have put together a list of the leading sandbox solutions to help you create an automated malware analysis environment. Check out the solutions...
Check out our careers page to see current listings. If you area malware analyst and would like your resume hosted for potential jobs, please create an account and fill out the form. It is my goal to create a pool of qualified individuals in the community for malware analysis positions.
Malware Analysis
Malware-Analyzer is dedicated to bringing you all the tools and resources you need to successfully perform malware analysis. My goal is to provide links directly to the tool download to save you time and effort scouring the web...
One of the most important aspects of malware analysis is ensuring a safe environment with all the necessary reverse engineering tools. We have compiled a list of the known platforms and free image distributions to get you started in creating your own lab...
For the latest news and information about Malware-Analyzer, visit our blog! We will attempt to keep you updated and informed of the latest news in the community as well as important tool updates. We will also post some malware reports from leaders throughout the sector.
Malware-Analayzer is a free resource to the malware analysis & reverse engineering community and as such we want to make this beneficial to everyone in the field. We value feedback and would love to hear from you about new tools, systems, and any other revolutionary stuff that will make this site one of your favorite references. 

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